Four Aftermarket Upgrades to Make a Used Car Feel New


Do you own a used car that has a lot of miles on it but is still in great condition? Do you want to keep your used car but make it feel new again? There are a few aftermarket upgrades you can do to your used car to make it feel, and drive, like a brand new vehicle.

1.       Replace Shocks and Struts.  Even though it might seem expensive to replace them when, technically, there’s nothing “wrong” with them, replacing your car’s shocks and struts will greatly improve the handling of your car. It will save your car’s wear and tear in the long run. After replacing the shocks and struts, you will find that your stopping distance will decrease, you’ll be able to stop the car much more smoothly and without as much effort, and you’ll feel less rocking back and forth and hear less noise in your car. Your car’s turning radius will tighten up. Your car’s acceleration will also improve. It might even handle more like a new car!

2.       Deodorize the Air Conditioner. You can actually deodorize your car’s air conditioning system to get rid of the horrible smell that it might carry. Change your car’s cabin air filter and spray the new one with Febreeze (or another air freshener of your choice) before putting it back into your car. Then start your car’s air conditioning system and spray a disinfectant into your cabin air intake. You can unclog your car’s drain tubes, to get rid of the inevitable buildup of allergens, outside contaminants, rust and mold. This will help your car to bring in clean, fresh air, cleaning and freshening your air conditioning system. If you don’t want to attempt to do all of this yourself, find a car detail shop that deodorizes air conditioners (not all of them do it). While your car won’t have that “new car smell,” it won’t smell old anymore, either.

3.       Flush All Fluids. All of your car’s fluids should be flushed. This includes the power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission oil, motor oil, differential fluid, and antifreeze. You should be able to flush these fluids yourself, but a trusted car maintenance shop can help if you need it. 

4.       Wheel Straightening or Replacement. You can straighten your car’s wheels or replace them if necessary. This should be done professionally. Call a shop that specializes in straightening and replacing wheels. Then you will need to have your tires re-mounted and balanced. This should make a huge difference in the car’s ride quality and comfort, especially if you live in an area prone to potholes in the roads. Pretty soon, your used car will ride like new!