We believe in TRUST

Mission & Vision

At Trusted Sale, we genuinely believe that human nature is good, and the world is filled with honest and kind-hearted people. However, every society has evil lurking in the shadows, no matter where you go, or what you do. This couldn’t be more true with respect to private party sales conducted online.

With advances in technology, the private party markets continue to thrive, with new marketplaces and apps popping up all the time. What most people may not know is over the years there have been well over 100 murders linked to Craigslist alone, which is only one website. Thousands of scams and terrible crimes occur each year because no one has created a pro-consumer platform that helps people transact safely and securely, until now.

We are on a mission to make interactions safer and transactions more secure for parties involved in private sales activity. We envision a future where Trusted Sale becomes the standard for transactional trust among private sellers and buyers.

If you share our vision to enable trust in the burgeoning peer-to-peer transaction economy, please contact us. We’d love to talk with you!

We want to be the place you think of when it comes to trusting the person that you’re dealing with.
— Paul Brobson, Founder & CEO of Trusted Sale

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