Where to List Your Car for Sale Online

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So you want to sell your car? Your options for selling a vehicle are much better today than they were even 10 years ago. You are no longer limited to just selling your car in your local area. Today, you can list your car for sale online and reach millions of potential buyers (as well as those locally). Here are just a few of the places where you can list your car for sale online.

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Facebook Marketplace

Many sellers don’t normally think of selling their vehicle on Facebook Marketplace. However, it is a great place to sell to local buyers and also enables you, the seller, to view a person’s Facebook profile before allowing them to come and take a look at your vehicle. This appeals to many who are looking to sell a vehicle locally but want to know more about the buyer before meeting with them. One more shameless plug: creating your listing on Trusted Sale will allow you to automatically also publish too Facebook Marketplace!


Craigslist is popular with many car sellers because you used to be able to list your vehicle for free (which has recently changed). Again, this site appeals to those looking to sell a car locally. Beware of scammers if you choose to sell on Craigslist, however. Craigslist scams are notorious, so in order to avoid trouble, make sure if you use this platform to sell your car, meet the potential buyer in a neutral location, not at your home.

Pro tip: If you’re still looking for a free place to publish your ad; use Trusted Sale and publish to Facebook’s marketplace for free!


Autotrader.com is one of the most popular websites for selling vehicles. For a small fee, you can list your car and have millions of possible buyers view it. A basic ad package starts at $25 for a month, and goes up to $100 for a “run until it sells” option. Autotrader.com even offers buyers a VIP service that will sell your car for you, providing a privacy shield that gives you an anonymous phone number so that you can screen calls from potential buyers.

Autotrader.com also works with dealers who could be buyers of your car. By entering your car’s VIN number, you can receive cash offers from dealers interested in buying your vehicle.


There are three ways to sell your car on Cars.com: placing your own ad, getting a quick offer, and receiving a dealer appraisal of your vehicle. Additionally, Cars.com offers a mobile app that makes selling your car a breeze. Dealer appraisals can be set up in which you will take your car to dealers for an in-person appraisal of the vehicle. If you list your car in an ad, you can reach a possible 13 million buyers a month. If you want to be able to offer prospective buyers a CARFAX report, simply pay an extra $49 for this convenience (which will mean a lot to most potential buyers). You may also be able to use Cars.com to place an ad in your local newspaper, if yours participates.


You can list your car for free on CarGurus.com. By providing a description of your vehicle, including its mileage, you will receive a price analysis with its instant market value and the estimate you would receive on a dealer trade-in. When you do list your car, CarGurus.com will even tell you if your price is too high or too low. More than 20 million buyers search CarGurus.com monthly, exposing your vehicle to a myriad of prospective buyers.


Is your car old and perhaps not in the best shape? You can still sell it online using Peddle.com. This site boasts that it makes selling any vehicle fast and easy. You simply list the particulars of your car and receive an instant offer. They will provide free towing of your car, if necessary, and instant payment once you accept an offer.