All About That Resale: Vehicles That Hold Their Value

It’s time. Your faithful car, the one that got you around in high school, then college, to your first job, has gone the distance. It’s time to find a new owner so that you can upgrade to a car that is a better fit for your current stage of life. (P.S. If you need tips on how to sell your car, check out this post!)

Our vehicles are often among our most valuable assets.  However, a vehicle typically is not an investment, with the exception of some classic cars. Almost every car depreciates over time, even up to $5,000 in the first year. Depreciation is not entirely avoidable, new vehicles will depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot. However, you can get a car that will hold its value better than others. Choosing a car with a high resale value means that you can build equity, and get the most return when you’re ready to sell.

According to the KBB, the vehicles below are among the top choices for the best resale value.

Honda Accord

For a mid-sized sedan, the Accord packs a punch. Available with a range of options and praised for its reliability, the Accord has been a staple of the Honda line for decades. Rely on it for the daily commute or decide to save on airfare for this year’s vacation. Either way, the Honda Accord will get you there comfortably and with a surprising touch of flash with their 252-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder EX-L option.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Ever since popularizing electric vehicles with the Prius, Toyota has been trying out their hybrid technology with more of their models. Enter the Avalon Hybrid, which combines the convenience of a full-sized full-sized luxury sedan with fantastic fuel economy (40 mpg city/39 highway, in fact). Pair this with enhanced safety features and you won’t just be saving on the pump, but also on peace of mind.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler has been America’s most-awarded off-road vehicle since its predecessor’s inception in the 1940s. Owning one of these vehicles has turned into a culture of its own—looking at you, Jeep wave. Over the years Jeep has been combining the ruggedness that made this line famous with all the bells and whistles we all love in the interior. This makes the Wrangler a great option for the week and the weekend. Who needs snow days when you have a Jeep? Sorry kids.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The station wagon never went away. It beefed up and became better. Can a Volvo Station Wagon tow 8,300 lbs? Doubtful. There are many options in the full-size SUV market, but the Chevy Tahoe continues to shine. Pack in all your passengers with third-row seating and drive along with the neighborhood Jeeps on those snow days, because this dependable vehicle will get you there.

Toyota Tacoma

When it comes to trucks, it’s hard to beat a Tacoma. In fact, we instantly thought of this versatile pickup when we started writing this blog. You can take this thing anywhere: highway, city driving, off-road, the choice is yours. Toyota has also made this sturdy truck in two-bed lengths, two cab sizes, two engine types, and with a variety of safety features. Finding what you need will not be a problem for this popular pickup.

Honda Odyssey

The minivan was made with the family in mind, and Honda has excelled at this for many years. The Odyssey doesn’t just let you fit a ton of people in it but also does so without sacrificing roominess or cargo space. It also includes fun tech such as an in-cabin camera to catch Lizzy making faces at you and a Cabin Talk feature that lets you stop Johnny from throwing fries on the floor without taking your eyes off the road.