A simple, secure payment solution
for local sales transactions.  




No Cash to Handle

Sellers and their buyers can avoid the hassle of visiting their bank to withdraw or deposit cash.

Trusted.Sale accepts credit/debit cards, ApplePay, Android Pay and more and securely transfers funds from buyer to seller. 

Attract More Buyers

Accepting more payment methods increases the number of potential buyers you can sell to.

Trusted.Sale allows  you to accept cash-less payments from buyers that contact you from any classified ad marketplace, or mobile app.

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Get Paid Instantly

Simply send buyers a Trusted.Sale payment link to instantly pay you using a credit/debit card. 

Funds are securely deposited directly into the seller's linked bank account and funds can be available in as little as 30 minutes.


No Special  Equipment

Use Trusted.Sale on any connected smartphone or computer. There's no card reader or other merchant equipment required. 

Plus, there's no app to download/install, and buyers don't need an account to make payments to sellers.


Seller's ID Verified 

Buyers feel more at ease dealing with sellers who have verified their identity before meeting or entering into a transaction.

Trusted.Sale uses multi-factor identification to verify seller identities, and help increase trust between anonymous buyers and sellers.

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Bill of Sale Issued

A fully executed Bill of Sale and receipt are automatically forwarded to both the seller and the buyer for their records. 

And sellers can always access these records from within their Trusted.Sale account dashboard.